Sunday, October 9, 2016

Another milestone in life

It's almost my birthday again.  Wow, and I'm writing here instead of on LiveJournal.  I was so ready to quit LiveJournal back in January because its been dead for several years.  Then my favorite actor, Alan Rickman died just before his 70th birthday and the Alan Rickman communities lit up again.  Just like me, they were just there for what used to be daily activity on Alan Rickman & Harry Potter fanart & fanfiction communities.  These communities basically died after the last Harry Potter book/movie, and despite the Harry Potter theme parks and latest plays & books there has been no inkling of a resurgence.  And then it's dead again.  So in June I got hooked on YouTube videos, more specifically, the daily (or almost daily) vlogs. 

So here I am.  I have made a few vlogs since June, though I haven't posted it anywhere.  I still want to get back into Tai Chi but between the day job, the side job, taking care of Mom every time she gets sick, vlog editing, and making stuff with the 3D pen, I have figured out I will have to wake up at 4:30am to have time for exercise in any form.

I want an electric bicycle.  My brother's visiting, I've asked him to help me donate my old bike because I don't want to put it in my car and he has a rental.  I can't order it until the old one is out.  There's too much crap in the house.  Speaking of "too much,"  I've got too much paper.  Yea, it was intended for art, but most of it came from Mom's closet.  It's not the kind of paper I would buy for my art.  I wish I could find a women's shelter or kids program who would actually use the art supplies.  I've got alot of student acrylic to donate before it goes bad, too.  I've got the professional lines that I'll keep for the canvases.

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